Freedom Business Management provides high-quality business solutions aimed at giving small business owners in Georgia the freedom to focus on their business goals. 

Certified Public BookkeeperLed by Vicki Sanders, a professional Licensed Certified Public Bookkeeper who has experience as a Controller/HR Manager for a $20 million/year company, Freedom Business Management can help businesses with all facets of business management, compliance, setup, execution, and maintenance. 

Keeping a business running smoothly takes a lot of attention. Each department must handle their tasks as efficiently as possible. Sometimes back-office tasks take a back seat. Let us handle all of the "back-office" tasks of your business so your employees can do their jobs.

Business Solutions

Here are some of the tasks we can help you with:

  • Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisorInterviewing prospective clients, customers, employees
  • Creating employee handbook
  • Onboarding/Offboarding of employees
  • Data and file management
  • Filing for/renewing business licenses and state registrations
  • Notary services
  • Scheduling and calendaring events
  • Researching, choosing and monitoring outside partners

Free Consultation

We can customize any of our services to meet your needs. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.



Reviews from Our Clients

Vicki is the bomb. I was basically in tears and at the end of my rope when I found her, I was sure that my self-training had led my businesses into a deep hole that would be impossibly messy to get out of but Vicki was the PERFECT combo of doing it with me so I felt involved but also knowing the perfect time I needed her to take the driver seat and do certain tasks for me. Working with Vicki feels a lot more like having a TEAM member than an outside consultant. I feel like she truly gives a "darn" about me and my business. I have never felt so prepared for tax season.

– Michaela McVetty Owner of Sisters Gourmet Deli, Portland, OR

Great at helping and explaining what is going on. Fixes problems I don’t even know are happening and resolves them before they get worse. Very appreciative for her help and advice.

– David Hammond Owner of Bama Leak Detection, Springville, AL

I've really enjoyed working with Ms. Vicki. She will definitely keep everything in order besides teaching you how to do things in QuickBooks on your own if you want. Highly recommend!

– Abel Baugh Owner of A & H Baugh Farms, Star City, AR

I have had a really positive experience working with Vicki. She is really on top of things! She makes sure everything is organized, categorized correctly and delivers any questions or reports on time. She is honest in her opinions and very helpful when making business decisions. Above all, she is super friendly and makes bookkeeping a positive task (if that is even possible! ha) Must be her southern charm! :)

– Jan H.

Freedom Business Management has helped take the burden of my Salon bookkeeping off my shoulders so I’m able to focus on the business itself. Vicki has helped answer so many of my questions and is knowledgeable from taxes to growing your profits. I highly recommend her for all your small business needs.

– Sarah K., Owner Sarah Krilla Salon

Certifications and Qualifications